A study on father bartolome de las casas and his writings

This distant encounter in his early childhood was followed later in life by many other personal meetings with Spanish royalty. On Palm Sunday, in the midst of the celebration of Holy Week festivities, seven Taino Indians were passed through the streets along with brilliant red and green parrots and masks intricately made with tiny shells, and beautiful artifacts of beaten gold plates. Yet he completed his academic career in stages, obtaining his second degree after his initial trip to the Americas.

A study on father bartolome de las casas and his writings

Saints Acisclus and Victoria were siblings, who suffered martyrdom probably under Diocletian. Their home was turned into a church.

They are the principal patrons of Cordova and are greatly venerated throughout Spain and southern France, especially in Provence Benedictines. Saints Acisclus and Victoria are represented in art as a young man and woman crowned with roses Roeder.

Alphaeus was a reader and exorcist at Caesarea, Palestine, and Zachaeus, his cousin, a deacon at Gadara beyond the Jordan. They were beheaded at Caesarea under Diocletian Benedictines. He met Attila as he approached the city, thus saving it. He became a pupil of Origen in the Alexandria catechetical school and succeeded him in as its head, which he directed for about 14 years.

In he was made patriarch bishop of Alexandria. Persecution soon broke out there, and Dionysius was arrested; but he was enabled to escape, and directed his church from a hiding- place in the Libyan desert until the death of the persecuting Emperor Decius in In the controversy that followed about those who had lapsed under persecution and then repented, Dionysius was a zealous supporter of lenient treatment for them.

Dionysius was reproved by Pope Saint Stephen I for his mistaken view in supporting Cyprian that baptism by heretics was invalid and by Pope Saint Dionysius for his view on the Trinity, which Dionysius explained in an apologia to the Pope. Nevertheless, he is considered an indefatigable defender of the faith.

Restored under Gallienus inhe returned to a city that was demoralized by civil strife, plague, and famine: He devoted himself to aiding the persecuted Christians and the victims of the plague.

He died in Egypt in Despite all the disturbances of his 17 years as bishop, Saint Dionysius took an active part in church affairs and wrote extensively, but few of his writings have been preserved. He was a student of pagan as well as Christian literature, but he is best known as an outstanding theologian and Biblical scholar.

His virtues and learning were widely recognized; Saint Athanasius styles him "the teacher of the whole Church" and Saint Basil referred to as Dionysius "the Great.

I love Saint Elizabeth of Hungary because she refused to defend herself against the unjust accusations of others. She felt that to defend herself would mean breaking the law of love as written in her heart. She was barely more than a child when she died before her 24th birthday, a pure soul who nobly endured all the sufferings of this earth, an innocent spirit against whom neither evil nor misfortune could prevail.

One of her three children, Gertrude was beatified. Her lineage also included Saint Hedwig, another married saint, who was her aunt. At her baptism she was carried to the church under a canopy of the richest cloth to be found in the country.

From her earliest days she was the delight of her parents. It is said that her first word was a prayer, and almost the first thing she did was an act of kindness to the poor.

Even when she was only four, her sweetness of character was such that people in other countries had heard about her. Elizabeth and Ludwig had a wonderful relationship built upon their childhood friendship full of shared sorrows and fired by passionate devotion to each other.

When Elizabeth was six, her mother was assassinated and Ludwig comforted her. Suffering and sympathy in their youth bound Elizabeth and Ludwig as a couple.

And Elizabeth had further suffering to come. She loved to visit the sick and the poor. No road was too rough or day too stormy to keep her from going on some errand of mercy to a wretched cabin. Because Wartburg Castle was located on a steep rock, which the ill were unable to climb, Elizabeth even built a hospital at its foot and often fed and cared for the patients herself.

In church one day she saw a large crucifix. So full of love for Christ was she that she took off her crown, thinking it inappropriate for his servant to wear a crown of gold and jewels while He wore a crown of thorns.

She provided for helpless children, especially orphans, founded another hospital with 28 beds, and fed hundreds of persons daily, in addition to making provisions for others throughout the kingdom.[8] See Kirkpatrick Sale’s The Conquest of Paradise, p.

The Book of Prophecies was not really a book, but a collection of writings that Columbus planned to present to the Spanish sovereigns. It was largely composed of excerpts from the Bible and other Christian writings. Essays in the classic collection Bartolomé de las Casas in History (Friede and Keen ) place Las Casas in history and shed light on the meaning of his writings in a politically convoluted Spanish imperial-colonial, yet intellectually fertile, world.

Bartolomé de las Casas was born in Sevilla Spain in to a farming and merchant family – a background that proved valuable in his understanding and critique of the effects of the conquest. In he saw for the first time in Seville the Spanish monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

A Brief Account of the Destruction of the by Bartolome de las Casas The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no.


A study on father bartolome de las casas and his writings

Bartolome de las Casas was a Spanish historian, priest, bishop and missionary to the West Indies. His observation of Spanish colonization of the West Indies exposed him to the atrocities committed.

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