Air force awards writing army

Antonia Elena Pearse Military. Find out how to request for replacements and what forms you will need to fill out. Medals awarded while in active service will be issued by the appropriate service if requested by veterans or, if deceased, their next of kin.

Air force awards writing army

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air force awards writing army

Examples can be shared by using the form below. Assigned to the XXXX BDE from -he built and shaped the XXXX to deliver intelligence support for tactical defensive Cyber operations while creating forensics and malware analysis section for the XXX with documented tactics, techniques and procedures that led to decreased analysis response times from weeks to hours.

He personally supervised the successful deployment and redeployment of 30 individuals ISO worldwide contingency operations. In addition, he displayed exceptional organizational and managerial skills far beyond his peers.

A unique, world class MP training program which enabled the battalion to achieve a level of public safety and emergency response proficiency that surpassed the Army's standards.

On multiple occasions, he flawlessly established an incident command post, coordinating fire, EOD, ambulance and multiple other agencies in real-world incidents. SFC XXXX's dedication and commitment to excellence greatly enhanced the installation's ability to provide a secure environment for over 93, Soldiers and their Family members residing on Oahu.

Her actions directly air force awards writing army the Commands readiness to train Soldiers with new equipment. Provided Subject Matter Expertise, oversight, and supervision of Equipment Authorization requests for the Command.

Cold War Recognition Certificate

This oversight ensured that all Command Training centers, facilities, and unit had all needed equipment to ensure Soldiers get training in compliance with the One Army School System.

She trained individual support staff across the entire Command on the correct submission of authorization documents. This training was crucial the successful approval of changes to units' Table of Distributions and Allowances and resulted in increased training readiness due to equipment availability.

SFC xxxx meticulously managed transportation of unit Personnel for the Command. SFC xxxx was also the custodian of the Command Headquarters GSA fleet and managed reservations, repairs, services, and administration of 7 vehicles.

As Battalion Executive Officer, CPT xxxxxxxx took charge of a brand new battalion staff, developed systems and training to harness their strengths and formed a functional team that was capable of conducting decentralized operations throughout the Western United States with great success.

MSM Award Bullet Examples

He led the staff to prepare, train, deploy, and redeploy the battalion to four major Reserve Component CTEs at remote locations throughout the Western United States. During his tenure as the Battalion Executive Officer, CPT xxxxxxxx quickly adapted skills acquired through two commands to the leadership environment of the 1A advising and influencing three active component and multiple reserve component battalions to successful meet their commands' training goals at multiple CSTX, FTX, and xCTC rotations.

He built lasting relationships with three active component brigades on xx xxxxx beginning the practice of mutual support of training objectives that continues today and has become standard in 1A. Selected as one of two active component officers for the 1A's last training mentor team mission to Afghanistan, CPT xxxxxxxx served as the team's S3 and S3 mentor.

He deftly directed the planning and coordination of training for five ANA Kandaks during their five to nine month training programs. As Battalion Operations Officer, CPT xxxxxxxx created several staff products such as a battalion long range calendar that provided greater predictability for personnel and became the Division West standard, the partnership plan format to meet the Total Army Force Policy, and training meeting formats all which became brigade standards.

He also established a lunchtime LPD group for company grade officers in the brigade to spur discussion and circulation of the most current ideas and TTPs within the Armor, Infantry, and Field Artillery communities. In NovemberSFC Smith led a team that provided the on-site perimeter security during the capture of Abu Abdullah al-Shami, one of the senior Al-Qaeda leaders on the most wanted al-Qaeda operative roster, in Kost province, Afghanistan.

SFC Smiths outstanding leadership and tactical prowess led to a successful rescue of all three hostages and capture of two senior FARC leaders in July His techniques to counter Improvised Explosive Devices IED and vehicle borne IEDs, detainee search, small arms weapons and close quarter marksmanship techniques were invaluable for preparing over personnel for deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

SFC Smith served with distinction, honor, and commitment to the Army and our Nation; from forecasting fuel and ammunition to ensuring that proper delivery platforms and safety precautions were executed.

SFC Smith's vast technical expertise across two Military Occupational Specialties 92F and 89B resulted in vital logistical support over the course of his career and during a the military s tumultuous 13 years of US engagement in combat operations.

His personal standards have served as the example for others, requiring him to surpass the Army's base requirements so he could serve in increasing echelons of responsibility, culminating as with his service as the First Sergeant of the th Transportation Company.

Within the last 10 years alone, 1SG Smith has assisted in leading the company to assist in 3 declared state emergency disaster relief operations, including: Hurricanes IvanKatrinaand Rita His leadership, guidance, and planning provided the much needed subject matter knowledge for the unit to effectively move necessary goods and services to innumerable decisive points throughout affected areas of concern.

air force awards writing army

He flawlessly provided accountability, maintenance, and training on individual assigned weapons, crew-served weapons, 20 thermal sights, and over 70, rounds of ammunition.HQ USAF/SG Awards and Decorations Guide.

1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Force Instruction (AFI) , The Air Force Awards and Decorations Program, dated 15 June The objective of the Air Force decoration program is to foster morale, incentive, and esprit de corps. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to recognize individuals for.

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However, for Air Force (including Army Air Corps) and Army personnel, the National Personnel Records Center will verify the awards to which a veteran is entitled and forward the request with the. WASHINGTON—The U.S. Army Acquisition Executive’s (AAE) Excellence in Leadership Awards were announced at a ceremony Jan.

18 at the Pentagon, with this year’s honorees representing excellence across such fields as missile defense, workforce development, . As Battalion Operations Officer, CPT xxxxxxxx created several staff products such as a battalion long range calendar that provided greater predictability for personnel and became the Division West standard, the partnership plan format to meet the Total Army Force Policy, and training meeting formats all which became brigade standards.

The Official Website for the Air National Guard. The Air Force Enlisted Performance Report. The EPR is the most important document you will encounter during your military career.

That single document, the AF Form , affects your chances for promotion, your pay, your assignment options, .

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