Counseling report guide

Sometimes counseling is tied to specific instances of superior or substandard duty performance.

Counseling report guide

A Sample Approach To Pre-Marriage Counseling Introduction What follows is a guide for counselors Counseling report guide take a couple contemplating marriage, or engaged to be married, through a basic process of discovery.

Counselors should feel free to adapt this approach to their own gifts and style, so long as the essentials are covered. Keep in mind also that each couple to be counseled will have different levels of spiritual maturity and needs. Circumstances among couples will also vary. Some will be engaged for the first time; others may have been married before.

Children may or may not be involved. There are many possible scenarios. This guide is intended to assist you in planning and working through the counseling process with your couple.

The primary source to help you in organizing your meetings will be William J. Encourage the couple to complete the assignments separately.

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At this point, it should be noted that if you have not read the book and done the assignments with your spouse, by all means stop and do so now!

Only in this way will you be able to know what additional resources you will want to incorporate into your meetings. It will be wise to work through those passages of Scripture in Section 3, Recommended Preparation Prior to Counseling.

The Criteria for Marriage. You, on the other hand, will have prepared and have a mental outline of what you would like to accomplish. That outline should include the following.

For you to get to know the couple and to make them feel comfortable and at ease with you, your spouse, and with the counseling process.

Counseling report guide

To discern the spiritual condition of the counselees, and the degree to which each is familiar with the spiritual history and commitment of the other. To discern problem areas which might disqualify the couple for marriage, and determine if the couple meets the qualifications for marriage.

To come to an understanding of the necessity of sexual purity prior to their marriage. To outline the counseling process and what will be required of the couple.

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Schedule all other meetings, about one month apart, and outline what will be covered in each meeting. To clarify that no announcements should be sent out until approval by the counseling couple is given and communicated to the Officiant and church Office.

Tell the couple that this final approval will not be given until after the third meeting. The following questions need to be asked in this meeting. How did the two of you meet?

How long have you known each other?

Dress and Appearance

How long have you been dating? Are you formally engaged? How and why did you decide that you should get married? When do you plan to get married? Why do you want to get married? Why do you want to have Pre-Marriage counseling? Is it your desire to have a Christian ceremony and Christian wedding?

Counseling report guide

To the best of your knowledge, what is a Christian marriage?This Module on ‘Counselling’, prepared in Zambia, gives a definition of counselling and deals with it from the point of view of Africa.

The aims and fields of counselling, the various approaches used, and the skills needed are all described in detail. Appendix E Sample Guidance and Counseling Program Evaluation Surveys for Teacher, Student, and Counselor offer guidance and counseling on a personal, private issue?

guide individuals and groups of students through the development of educational and career plans. Credit Report Counseling If you are burdened by excessive credit card or other debt, you are encouraged to gather as much information as possible about your options from reputable sources before deciding on the best course of action for you.

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