Makahs whale hunting causes uproar in north america

This is a region of immense physical complexity, an oceanic environment clothed in limitless forest covering the rugged and precipitous mountain ranges. The traditional Indian nations located in this region were oriented toward the sea and made large sea-going canoes. Among the sea mammals hunted by the Indian people were whales.

Makahs whale hunting causes uproar in north america

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Makah Indians and Whale Hunting You are here: They had to stop in due to the scarcity of gray whales. But their abundance now makes it possible to resume their ancient practice of the hunt. They have had an intensification of interest in their own history and culture since the archeological dig at their village of Ozette inwhich uncovered thousands of artifacts bearing witness to their whaling tradition.

Whaling and whales have remained central to Makah culture. They are in their songs, dances, designs, and basketry. Their social structure is based on traditional whaling families. The conduct of a whale hunt requires rituals and ceremonies, which are deeply spiritual.

And they believe hunting imposes a purpose and a discipline, which they believe, will benefit their entire community, especially the young, whom the Makahs believe to be suffering from lack of self-discipline and pride. Why the Makahs have the right to hunt gray whales? Before entering into negotiations with the Makah for cessions of their extensive lands on the Olympic peninsula inthe United States government was fully aware that the Makahs lived primarily on whale, seal and fish.

When the United States Territorial Governor, Isaac Stevens, arrived at Neah bay in December of to enter into negotiations with the Makah leaders, he was met with strong declarations from them that in exchange for ceding Makah lands to the United States they would be allowed to hunt whale.

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They demanded guarantees of their rights on the ocean and specifically, of the right to take whale. The treaty minutes show Governor Stevens saying to the Makahs: Far from wanting to stop you, he will help you — sending implements and barrels to try the oil.

He then presented a treaty containing the specific guarantee of the United States securing the right of the Makahs to continue whaling. Will whaling by the Makah affect the gray whale population? Whale scientists have closely observed this species for many years and in determined that the gray whale population had exceeded the numbers existing before industrial whaling on this species began.

In the gray whale was removed from the endangered species list. The population estimate was 22, whales. This population continues to increase at a rate of about 2.

The Makah hunt would be an infinitesimal expansion of global whaling — up to five a year out of approximately 1, killed worldwide. No reputable biologist or whale scientist has suggested that the Makahs taking five whales a year will present any conservation threat whatsoever to the gray whale stock.

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace. There are animal rights activists within those organizations who are trying to get them to come out against makah whaling. Animal rights groups have been scaring each other and pumping up the claim that if the Makah whale than it will mean the collapse of all restrictions against commercial whaling and whaling will be resumed everywhere.The creature's cause of death remains unknown.

The beach has since been closed and Shark Smart has issued a warning for the area. A beautiful beaked whale tragically died after becoming stranded. They include western North Pacific gray whales, which are known to travel from Asia to North America and, at an estimated individuals, are critically endangered.

The History of the Makah Whale Hunt

The other is a population of gray whales that remains in the Pacific Northwest over the summer rather than migrating south to Mexico.

The area along the Pacific Coast north of California and between the Cascade Mountains and the ocean is the home to many Indian nations who traditionally based their economy on the use of sea coast and river ecological resources. This is a region of immense physical complexity, an oceanic.

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Makahs whale hunting causes uproar in north america

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Contact me if you need assistance with your assignment. Contemporary Makah children attend public school, wear blue jeans and Nikes, watch television, and play video games.
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