Oga europe oil and gas industry

Groundwater contamination[ edit ] The British Geological Survey, in reviewing the US experience with hydraulic fracturing of shale formations, observed: Even the presence of surface casing provides no assurance against gas leakage at the surface from the surrounding ground. Each pad could have 24 separate wells. This amounts to 0.

Oga europe oil and gas industry

Messenger Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell is under fire from environmental groups over its proposal to decommission the Brent oilfield in the North Sea.

The plans submitted to the government relate to four concrete and steel platforms which have been in service for 40 years. They claim the company has not made enough information public to properly cross-reference its proposals against the internationally agreed OSPAR rules that are supposed to govern decommissioning.

Shell is one of a number of oil producers looking at decommissioning now that many North Sea oil and gas fields are reaching the end of their productive lives. Decommissioning is a massive, expensive and technically challenging task; and Brent is seen as a test case for the rest of the UK industry.

The oil company pays Shell said in its Brent proposal: If the costs are higher, the treasury will pay more — a huge risk to the taxpayer. There are environmental benefits Many marine habitat experts are saying there is little environmental benefit from removal. Indeed some of the decommissioning activities are expected to do more environmental harm than good.

This is due to seabed disruption, noise and the removal process itself, which is very energy intensive and will therefore be a major source of harmful emissions. If the architecture is left in place, it will naturally reef and arguably create an environmental positive.

The reefing concept has been used extensively in the Gulf of Mexico with the Rigs to Reefs programme. In an area which lacks natural reefs, this has enhanced the marine habitat for many species of fish. Admittedly some people have raised concerns about environmental damage from deteriorating metal and reefing disrupting the natural ecology, but one can certainly argue the positives outweigh any negatives.

The jobs are transient; once the task is complete, there is no follow-on activity. If we chose the green energy option, it would provide many more sustainable jobs designing, fabricating and constructing the wind farms and other power sources; as well as continuous operations and maintenance jobs over their 30 to 40 year lifespans.

The same could be said of many of my other suggested alternatives. It is about taking things to bits.

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Also, much of the removal money will go to the heavy-lift companies — the UK has none. How can the current plans for decommissioning be maximising economic recovery?

Oga europe oil and gas industry

Support structure being dismantled at Tyneside, northeast England. Wikimedia Again, to compare with my preferred option of leaving platforms in place and putting the money into green energy, this would clearly achieve more economic recovery.

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It would provide society and the economy with an essential commodity — power for industry, electric transport and heat for homes. OSPAR is the mechanism by which 15 governments of the western coasts and catchments of Europe, together with the EU, cooperate to protect the marine environment of the northeast Atlantic.

It broadly requires full removal of oil platforms at the end of their economic lives. We know so much more now than when the directives were agreed in — the consequences of global warming, for instance, hence the argument that green energy looks a better investment nowadays.

Even OSPAR should be able to see green energy as having a much better outcome for the international community.

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Why is the UK not challenging the agreement?Home Page Oil & Gas Industry Dräger at OGA , Booth At Dräger, we pride ourselves in delivering innovative, flexible solutions that save our . UKOilandGasData is an online resource storing metadata about UKCS offshore oil and gas wells, 2D and 3D seismic surveys, infrastructure, licences and fields.

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Hydraulic fracturing in the United Kingdom started in the late s with fracturing of the conventional oil and gas fields of the North kaja-net.com has been used in about British onshore oil and gas wells since the early s.

The technique did not attract attention until licences use were awarded for onshore shale gas exploration in In the United Kingdom, as in other countries—and.

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