Research paper about srilankan war

The Violence of Memory Sri Lanka, The overtly military guise evident in many aspects of life has been shed, but The overtly military guise evident in many aspects of life has been shed, but violence still lingers in the everyday.

Research paper about srilankan war

This paper delves into history of LTTE, the reasons why they use violence to deliver their messages, the specific tactics they employ, their terrorist demands and the chances for peace between the LTTE and the government.

As of this writingthe thirty years of violence has for the most part ended and although ethnic relations between the Tamil and government still not smooth.

After thirty years of war and tensions, while Sri Lanka is attempting to return to a relatively stable state -- and the Tamil Tigers have been officially defeated -- there are nonetheless ongoing and serious violations of human rights by the government.

Before the occupation, in the 5th century BC, Indo-Aryan immigrants arrived on the island from northern India and among the clans that settled, the Sinhalese emerged as "the most powerful" BBC, But looking at the modern situation, there was an ongoing struggle between the Tamil Hindu minority and the majority Sinhalese, and in the s "…the Tamil secessionist movement emerged" CBC.

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That attack was met with two days of violence against Tamils in the north as Sinhalese "mobs went on a…rampage, killing several thousand Tamils and burning and looting property" CBC, p. The international community has sought to cool down the tensions but the violence has continued; indeed, the United Nations estimates the number of lives lost at close toover the years.

The escalating violence visited upon the government and businesses by the LTTE has seriously damaged the country's reputation -- which harms tourism -- and has also negatively impacted the economy of Sri Lanka.

Among the groups that have attempted to stop the violence is "The Elders," an independent organization of retired leaders from around the world; the list of those leaders has included such icons as Nelson Mandelaformer President Jimmy Carter, former UN executive director, Kofi Annan, and Desmond Tutu, among others.

The Elders have stated that the Sri Lankan government has arrested "…8, suspected ex-combatants without charge or access to legal representation…" and moreover, The Elders basically blamed Sri Lankan leaders for failing to address "…the political marginalization of ethnic minorities" and that has been "…at the root of Sri Lanka's 30 years of war" CBC, p.

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The Human Rights Watch organization has charged that the Sri Lankan government has "…failed to undertake any meaningful investigation of violations of the laws of war" CBC, p. A truce was established in Februarybrokered by Norwegian intermediaries, but the Sri Lankan government "…formally withdrew from the truce" in Januaryalbeit there had been a "…resurgence of fighting" that in reality had shown the truce to be ineffective CBC, p.


In the Sri Lankan government declared that it had defeated the LTTE, and had killed its leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran; subsequent to that, an estimatedcitizens of Tamil ethnicity were rounded up and herded into "internment camps" CBC, p.

When does a Freedom Movement become a Terrorist Campaign? Author Muttukrishna Sarvananthan explains in the Third World Quarterly that while the LTTE wished to be referred to as a "liberation movement" they were in fact terrorists.

He arrives at this conclusion even though he points out that "In the real world all liberation struggles and terrorist struggles have a combination of both legitimate acts of violence and terrorist acts" Sarvananthan,p.

The distinction between the two, Sarvananthan asserts, is the "…different means of achieving an end" While some "legitimate acts of violence are predominant and terrorist acts are sporadic in liberation struggles," in struggles that are definitely terrorist in nature, acts of terror "are predominant" Sarvananthan, Sarvananthan goes on in the peer-reviewed article to assert that the LTTE most certainly qualifies as a terrorist organization because LTTE "…has killed more civilians Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims than the armed forces personnel" of the Sri Lanka government In fact the LLTE killed more people of their own ethnicity Tamil peoples than the state security forces.

That comparison is "ludicrous," Sarvananthan, because the three African groups were fighting against apartheid in South Africa and the LLTE terrorism is not at all similar to the African struggle The LTTE has targeted government and public facilities in its drive to become a separate nation within the nation of Sri Lanka.

Ultimately the LTTE would like to bring down the Sri Lankan economy with its terrorist acts that include suicide bombings. Among the most damaging bombings conducted by the LTTE included the truck bomb in that ruined the Colombo Central Bank and the huge bomb that was exploded as an attack on Colombo's World Trade Center in the heart of the country's financial district Simonsen, PrabhakaranThe Sri Lankan Civil War was a conflict fought on the island of Sri Lanka.

Beginning on 23 July , there was an intermittent insurgency against the government by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers), a separatist militant organisation which fought to create an independent Tamil state .

Research paper about srilankan war

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War and peace in Sri Lanka RESEARCH PAPER 09/51 5 June “We stand at the crossroads of history. We can either become the Switzerland of the East by following the middle path of negotiation, conciliation, and good will or.

Research paper about srilankan war

This paper seeks to identify the global dimensions, peace and reconciliation for Sri Lankan Civil War. A small Island of Sri Lanka was facing an ethnic conflict fought between two groups, they are the majority population of the Sinhalese and the minority population of the Tamil people.

Civil war in sri lanka essay

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Development of sri lanka after the war essay