Swiss consumer buying habits

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Swiss consumer buying habits

Customer LoyaltyInformation GatheringJill GriffinKnow Your CustomerRetail Different customers have different buying habits; whether we are playing the role of retailer or the role of consumer, we understand this foundational principle without giving it much thought.

Our buying habits as consumers are determined first by our circumstances e. In her book Customer Loyalty: No Loyalty For varying reasons, some customers do not develop loyalty to certain products or services. He rarely goes to the same place two consecutive times. To him, a haircut is a haircut regardless of where he receives it.

The fact that he is almost bald may have something to do with it! His low attachment toward hair services combined with low repeat patronage signifies an absence of loyalty.

Generally speaking, businesses should avoid targeting no-loyalty buyers because they will never be loyal customers; they add little to the financial strength of the business.

The challenge is to avoid targeting as many of these people as possible in favor of customers whose loyalty can be developed. Inertia Loyalty A low level of attachment coupled with high repeat purchase produces inertia loyalty.

This customer buys out of habit. In other words, nonattitudinal, situational factors are the primary reason for buying. This buyer feels some degree of satisfaction with the company, or at least no real dissatisfaction.

This loyalty is most typical for frequently bought products. It is possible to turn inertia loyalty into a higher form of loyalty by actively courting the customer and increasing the positive differentiation he or she perceives about your product or service compared to others available.

For example, a dry cleaner that offers home delivery or extended hours could make its customers aware of this fact as a way to differentiate its service quality from that of competitors. Latent Loyalty A high relative attitude combined with low repeat purchase signifies latent loyalty.

If a customer has latent loyalty, situational effects rather than attitudinal influences determine repeat purchase. I am a big fan of Chinese food and have a favorite Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood.

My husband, however, is less fond of Oriental food, and so despite my loyalty I patronize the Chinese restaurant only on occasion and we go instead to restaurants that we both enjoy.

By understanding situational factors that contribute to latent loyalty, a business can devise a strategy to combat them. The Chinese restaurant might consider adding a few all-American dishes to its menu to pacify reluctant patrons like my husband.

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Premium Loyalty Premium loyalty, the most leverageable of the four types, prevails when a high level of attachment and repeat patronage coexist.

This is the preferred type of loyalty for all customers of any business. At the highest level of preference, people are proud of discovering and using the product and take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with peers and family.For more and more companies, a cloud-based unified data solution is the way to make this happen.

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Swiss consumer buying habits

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Swiss consumer buying habits

In addition to covering important core topics like household disposable income, consumer expenditure, savings and credit and housing and home ownership, this report also contains hard-to-find statistics on more specific consumer-related topics like eating and drinking habits, shopping habits, preferred types of stores and retail venues.

Despite economic uncertainty, the world’s largest consumer products companies generated sales of nearly $ trillion in fiscal year This means an average company size of $ billion in net sales.

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