The corruption of pride on society

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The corruption of pride on society

The World Health Organisation WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. International agencies state that corruption exists where persons abuse the power that is entrusted to them in order to benefit personally.

We customarily think that such benefits are of a financial nature, but the benefits may be of any kind — material, sexual and other favours, opportunities, and services.

Once a person has the ability to influence an outcome, and they do so in an unfair manner to bring about some benefit to themselves or their family, friends, or associates, then corruption has occurred.

Our ranking as very corrupt According to a USAID research study, along with crime and violence, corruption is seen as the most serious challenge facing Jamaica. On the Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International based in Germany, our country is rated along with countries like Liberia, Mongolia, and El Salvador as very corrupt, scoring only 38 out of a possible And as we look around our society we can see why.

All of these hurt our mental and social well-being.

The corruption of pride on society

Corruption hurts everyone who must depend on the integrity of persons who are placed in positions of authority.

Corruption and distrust On a national scale, corruption means that resources that should go to community and national development are diverted, and so poverty and inequality are not addressed.

We often see its effects via our television sets, as corruption leads to conflicts and instability in our communities across Jamaica. Pervasive corruption has led to widespread distrust of elected officials and existing authority, a lack of confidentiality and confidence in places like police stations, and fear of reprisals.

Prolonged delays in prosecution, the inconsistent application of penalties to perpetrators, and the belief that upper income persons use their positions of class to extract benefits not afforded to persons of a lower socio-economic class only add to the perception of corruption.


Measures to combat corruption To slow the rate of our further descent on the indices of corruption, we must immediately institute several measures, including civic and legislative. We must embark on public education campaigns that outline specific examples of what corruption is and what to do about it.

We must expand on the wordings in some of our current legislation, including the Corruption Prevention Act, to capture the notions of corruption that include the exploitation of women, political advantage, economic privileges, and social benefits.

We should create a specific body which should be given the legal authority to address and pursue all matters of corruption in our society.

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Also, we should all talk more about this issue and target, in particular, our various communities across our island, to raise awareness about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and how they may access channels in seeking redress against the various forms of corruption.

Corruption — the major barrier to our development The abuse of power, a lack of transparency, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage our society, and these examples illustrate why corruption is a major barrier to our social, economic, and human development.

Only by moving simultaneously on all the measures to combat corruption will we have a chance to stem this widespread cancer across our land.

Hopefully, when we all have a clear understanding of what corruption entails, how it permeates every sector and layer of society, and we begin to take the requisite decisive actions against it, we will be able stop those who are corrupt and who are currently getting away with it, restore some personal pride in our beloved country, and improve our well-being and our development.Edmund Burke's revelation of what the French Revolution achieved for France, from Part 1 of 'Reflections Of The Revolution In France' ().

Corruption Quotes If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a .

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Since corruption involves one, two or more people then it brings out the sense of the society participation and the impacts it has on the society.

The corruption of pride on society

Society is a group of individuals living as members of a . Corruption of Society shared The Unseen Encyclopedia's video. Sp S on S so S red S · October 16, · , Views.

The Unseen Encyclopedia. October 15, · Article: Healthy Triplets All Get Autism Same Day of Vaccine Shots. Mar 30,  · By aiding the corruption of already-distrusted regimes and accelerating the flow of money and resources out of poor countries, Unaoil and its .

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