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The list could literally go on…and on…and on. Our first visit to the island nation was back inand we finally had the chance to head back again this past summer.

This photo essay

I don't even have to travel very far to see the colourful autumn foliage. Close to my place are wooded areas and parks with many trees. I love to go to these spots to take photos of the fall colours. In this photo essay, you will find images of fall in my neighbourhood in Kingston, Ontario.

Backlit Trees Source Backlit Trees This photo was taken in a wooded area right beside a small park in my neighbourhood. It was captured in October, around the early part of fall. As you can see the leaves are just turning yellow.

What I love about this photo is the backlighting that illuminates This photo essay yellow and green leaves. It creates this lovely, and soft coloured light. I also like the vertical lines the trees impart onto the photo.

These lines draw your eyes from the top of the photo to the bottom or vice versa. This photo is somewhat unique in that it's a landscape photo but with swallow depth of field.

I've broken the rule of using deep depth of field in a landscape here. You can see that the tree trunks in the foreground is in sharp focus. Everything else is out of focus. It's certainly different not to use deep of field in a landscape.

I think the photo still looks interesting. They were found in a wooded area behind my place. The photo was taken in early fall around October. You can see that the colours in the leaves are in transition. Half is green, and half has changed to purple.

I was drawn to the bicoloured leaves and thought they looked fascinating and unique. This particular sumac had already changed colours. I love the yellow and orange colours of these leaves. They represent the fall colours very well.

I also love bokeh on the left side. You can see there are lovely circular bokeh in the space next to the leaves.

This photo essay

What I don't like about this photo is that the focus is slightly off. Here only the terminal leaf is in focus, whereas the other foreground leaves are blurry. I think this photo would have worked better if the foreground leaves were in sharp focus too.

It was in a residential area close to my place. I was immediately drawn to the fiery reds of this maple tree. I knew I had to take a photo of it for its intense colour. You can see here I found a patch of green leaves, not yet turned red.Photo essay definition, a group of photographs, usually with supplementary text, that conveys a unified story and is published as a book or as a feature in a magazine or newspaper.

This photo essay

See more. May 04,  · I think I have too many com tech videos haha song: everyman by The Guggenheim Grotto and yeah i noticed i spelled pour wrong, but in me defense i was up 2 in. Because this is a photo essay, the emphasis is on the images. So, other than the beginning information, I chose to detail more information about the factory in the captions.

Writing captions for the images is important and you approach it in the same way that you do the general article. Mar 08,  · Describes the process of creating a photo essay. From Iwon to Chosin: A Photo Essay. We present here a photo essay beginning before the landing of RCT 31 units at the beach of Iwon, about miles northeast of .

Photo essays seem like a daunting undertaking accomplished only by the massively creative unicorns living in our midst. They’re popular among the New York Times and Times of the world.

However, you can easily learn how to make a photo essay, too.

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