Write an essay using all the notes

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Write an essay using all the notes

Want to start a startup? Get funded by Y Combinator. We managed to drag a lot of them about halfway to Lisp. Everyone knows who the pointy-haired boss is, right? I think most people in the technology world not only recognize this cartoon character, but know the actual person in their company that he is modelled upon.

The pointy-haired boss miraculously combines two qualities that are common by themselves, but rarely seen together: Suppose, for example, you need to write a piece of software.

He thinks you should write it in Java. Why does he think this? Java is a standard.

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I know it must be, because I read about it in the press all the time. And that also means there will always be lots of Java programmers, so if the programmers working for me now quit, as programmers working for me mysteriously always do, I can easily replace them. The pointy-haired boss believes that all programming languages are pretty much equivalent.

If that were true, he would be right on target. If languages are all equivalent, sure, use whatever language everyone else is using. But all languages are not equivalent, and I think I can prove this to you without even getting into the differences between them.

If you asked the pointy-haired boss in what language software should be written in, he would have answered with as little hesitation as he does today. In fact, why should the developers of Java have even bothered to create a new language?

So there you have it: James Gosling, or the pointy-haired boss? Not surprisingly, Gosling is right.

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Some languages are better, for certain problems, than others. And you know, that raises some interesting questions. Are there situations where other languages are better than either of them?

write an essay using all the notes

Once you start considering this question, you have opened a real can of worms. If the pointy-haired boss had to think about the problem in its full complexity, it would make his brain explode. As long as he considers all languages equivalent, all he has to do is choose the one that seems to have the most momentum, and since that is more a question of fashion than technology, even he can probably get the right answer.

But if languages vary, he suddenly has to solve two simultaneous equations, trying to find an optimal balance between two things he knows nothing about: But the advantage is that it makes your life a lot simpler.

It is a comfortable idea. We know that Java must be pretty good, because it is the cool, new programming language. If you look at the world of programming languages from a distance, it looks like Java is the latest thing. From far enough away, all you can see is the large, flashing billboard paid for by Sun.

But if you look at this world up close, you find that there are degrees of coolness. Within the hacker subculture, there is another language called Perl that is considered a lot cooler than Java.Customizing your keyboard is the perfect way to use word to take notes faster. Search for all the terms you need and customize.

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write an essay using all the notes

SilverEssay writing company was established in San Francisco, CA, USA in In 2 years we managed to attract thousands of customers due to our revolutionary approach to writing services. In , we opened an office in Toronto, ON, Canada and moved further to Europe. If you’re writing traditional notes or using note cards, you can easily record the source material at the top of each card or page or beneath each note.

If you’re using a mind map or another graphic organizer to take your notes, consider keeping a running list of sources and assigning each a number.

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